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Stream Preset Help - RTSP

Preset tutorial

Getting started

This preset is designed for streaming to a RTSP server such as Wowza.

Entering RTSP server details.

Your service provider will usually provide you with a rtsp url, username & password.

from service provider:
URL = rtsp://
in MX Light:
Host =, Application = live, Stream name = livestream


The Username & Password  properties must be set to match those provided by your service provider.

Audio / Video Options

Video Mode

       Video output is a direct copy of the hardware encoded video stream.
   =[ RE-ENCODE ]
       Video output is a re-encoded version of the input video stream.
       Allowing custom cropping, keyframe interval & profile setup.

Advanced Options

These are visible when 'show advanced' is checked.

--Input Mode

Provides different input modes, the lowest latency mode is not guaranteed to work with all inputs so is not selected by default.  The 'lowest latency' mode should reduce latency by about 2.5 seconds.