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Stream Preset Help - HTTP

Preset tutorial

Getting started

This preset is designed for quickly setting up streaming across a local network.  The hardware AV stream is used directly so no re-encoding is performed.

Once streaming is active the stream will be available via http at the selected destination.  This takes the following form:

http://{IP}:{Port}/{Stream name}.ts

This can be played by players such as VLC.

Preset options


Double-clicking on the value ( default = (localhost) ) will show a list of available LAN IP's & the adapter they are on, which are available to stream on.


By default this is set to 8080.  Be careful when selecting a port, so that you don't use a port that is in use by another application.

Stream name

The name of the .ts file used in the http stream address.


When authentication is turned ON, the Username & Password  properties will become visible.  Viewing the stream will now require username & password to be passed using the standard URL authentication form.  eg. http://username:password@

Advanced Options

--Time To Live

In this context, Time To Live can be thought of as how many routers the stream can hop before the stream is not allowed any further.  This can become important if you are setting up a router to allow viewers outside of the current LAN to view the stream, through port forwarding.