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VLC installation & options

Preview functionality in MX Light depends on VLC Player v1.1.11 or v2.0.7 (win32) and above.  This must be installed separately for the preview option to become available.

VLC Install options:

Simple :

   Download & run the full install (.exe)

Advanced :

   Download & extract the portable install (.zip) to MX Lights \utils directory.
  • Open MX Light
  • Check 'Use VLC portable install' on the Preview page
  • Click the button that appears to the right & select the portable vlc.exe that was created under eg. \utils\vlc-2.0.7.
  • Click the save button
   The MX Light directory is now fully self-contained.  This allows eg.
  • running from a USB key
  • fast install / uninstall just by copying/deleting the directory.

To view all the latest windows VLC installs click here

Trouble shooting
  • If you experience video corruption please ensure that GPU acceleration is turned off.
  • If the preview is not smooth when viewing at 50 / 59.94 / 60 fps please ensure that GPU acceleration is turned off.
  • To access VLC options during preview, right-click on the preview window.  Alternatively un-check 'minimal interface' on the preview tab, as this will make the menus visible.
Live preview options

Under the 'live' tab are the settings used for live preview.  This is turned on by clicking on the large button on the right with the glasses on.

By design this preview cannot be used while streaming.  If you are streaming it is recommended to always check the streaming output directly.

input & encoding setup page

The 'cl ext' edit (nb. not available in the demo) allows a command-line extension to be added to the VLC preview.  Allowing further customisation of the preview.


To add a logo overlay in the bottom left corner set 'cl ext.' to:

--sub-filter logo --logo-file="D:\Logo.png" --logo-position=9

To add text overlay in the bottom right corner set 'cl ext.' to:

--sub-filter marq --marq-marquee="my text" --marq-position=10

To stop the on screen display from displaying state information due to VLC hotkeys, set 'cl ext.' to:


To view VLC's command line help, click the 'Generate / View VLC command line help text' button on the 'adv.' tab.

Recorded preview options

Under the 'replay' tab are the settings used for playing back a recording while it is still being recorded.

input & encoding setup page

The configuration options are identical to the live preview but include default playback mode & speed settings for cue based playback.  These settings will be used when the cue list is 1st displayed in the status display.

For more information on cues and playback modes see : Recording - setup file output & recording mode & Status display - information & controls

Once a playback has started it can be controlled using VLC's hotkeys.  To view & setup hotkeys in VLC, goto Tools > Preferences (Ctrl-P) > Hotkeys.

To stop Preview & Replay window positions getting swapped.  It is recommended to start previewing before recording.  This way the preview will run continuously (unless it is manually turned off) & stay in one place.

Advanced options

input & encoding setup page

Checking 'Use VLC portable install' will display a selector box that allows selection of the VLC.exe to use for preview & playback.  This can be used for testing a new version of VLC without having to install it or setting up a portable installation as defined a the top of the page.

The 'Preview latency' slider controls the delay between the input & its preview being displayed.  On some systems increasing the latency can reduce CPU usage & improve the smoothness of GPU accelerated decoding.