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Preview setup

configuring realtime preview

Preview functionality in MX Light depends on VLC Player v1.1.11 or v2.0.7 (win32) and above.  This must be installed separately for the preview option to become available.

VLC Install options:

Simple :

   Download & run the full install (.exe)

Advanced :

   Download & extract the portable install (.zip) to MX Lights \utils directory.
  • Open MX Light
  • Check 'Use VLC portable install' on the Preview page
  • Click the button that appears to the right & select the portable vlc.exe that was created under eg. \utils\vlc-2.0.7.
  • Click the save button
   The MX Light directory is now fully self-contained.  This allows eg.
  • running from a USB key
  • fast install / uninstall just by copying/deleting the directory.

To view all the latest windows VLC installs click here

Trouble shooting
  • If you experience video corruption please ensure that GPU acceleration is turned off.
  • If the preview is not smooth when viewing at 50 / 59.94 / 60 fps please ensure that GPU acceleration is turned off.
  • To access VLC options during preview, right-click on the preview window.  Alternatively un-check 'minimal interface' on the preview tab, as this will make the menus visible.

*Please note: Preview is not designed to operate alongside streaming.