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Streaming setup

Resolutions & bitrates

Recommended combined audio / video bitrates for common resolutions:

  240p 360p 480p 720p 1080p
Resolution 426x240 640x360 854x480 1280x720 1920x1080
Video Bitrates          

700 Kbps

1000 Kbps 2000 Kbps 4000 Kbps 6000 Kbps
Recommended 400 Kbps 750 Kbps 1000 Kbps 2500 Kbps 4500 Kbps
Minimum 300 Kbps 400 Kbps 500 Kbps 1500 Kbps 3000 Kbps

To achieve a video bitrate < 1000 Kbps you will need to set Video mode = RE-ENCODE in the streaming preset setup.

The above are based on frame rates 24..30 fps.  If you want to stream the hardware encoded stream directly & your video source is 50..60 fps it is recommended to resample to 1/2 the fps, as support for high fps streaming is not widespread yet & may cause problems.