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Lock state

using the lock state feature

The lock state feature is a safety feature designed to automatically recover from accidental physical input & device disconnections.

example with the H264 Pro Recorder:

If the camera SDI connection becomes unplugged, MX Light will lose the AV stream.  When reconnected, if the lock state feature was engaged before the disconnection, MX Light will attempt to recover to the state when it was first engaged.

The 'state' is defined by the main buttons on the right (Recording, Previewing & Streaming).  The lock can only be engaged if at least one of these is active.

The lock state feature can be engaged by clicking the button to the right of the main operation buttons.  This is shown below highlighted in green.

general setup page

Once you have a lockable state, click the Lock state button to engage.  Success will be shown as below.

general setup page

On loss of the physical input connection, an error will be displayed as shown below.

general setup page

After this disconnect, MX Light will start a count-down to the next connection attempt, as shown below in the status bar.

general setup page

When the count-down has finished MX Light will attempt to reconnect, as shown below.

general setup page

If this reconnection was successful, MX Light will then recreate the locked state, this will be displayed as shown below.

general setup page

If the input was not already plugged back in, MX Light will begin another count-down before trying again.

If a USB disconnection was detected MX Light will wait longer between attempting a reconnect, as the drivers requires more time recover.

These wait times can be set in the config.cda file found in MX Light's \cfg\ directory.

  input unplug reconnect delay (sec).[TS32] = 20
  device unplug reconnect delay (sec).[TS32] = 60

To adjust, modify the values highlighted above, found in the config.cda file.  nb. These are the recommended values & using smaller delays may cause problems.

The Lock state feature can also be accessed via the command line or RC-IP interfaces.

example command line to start recording & then lock state:

  MXLight.exe record=on lock-state=on

For all commands & usage details see : CLI - Using the command line interface

Important notes:

The ATEM TVS continues to send MX Light a blank AV stream when all inputs are unplugged, so the Lock State feature does not apply in this scenario.

There are no guarantees that MX Light will be able to recover 100% every time, so it is always important to try & ensure that your inputs / device do not get unplugged!