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Input & Encoding


On startup the active input is automatically detected and settings are displayed.  The 'check' button makes MX Light recheck the input settings, allowing re-checking if the original detection appears wrong or your have changed the active input.

The 'test / set' button validates all the encoder settings then sends the setup to the hardware encoder.  If validation resulted in settings being changed, these changes are reflected in the controls.

When an option has changed that needs 'test / set' to be clicked the button text will turn orange.

input & encoding page
The Encoding panel allows setup of the hardware encoder. This defines the encoder profile and bitrates of the video which will be recorded & the video stream which is sent when 'Video mode = HARDWARE DIRECT' in the streaming presets.

nb. The hardware encoder generates 1 key-frame per second, this cannot be changed.

'USPS' = Use Stream Preset Settings.  If checked, the encoding settings of the selected streaming preset are used (if it has any saved encoder settings).

input & encoding page
The Resampling panel allows setup of the hardware encoders resampler.

For changes to take effect ensure 'ACTIVE' is checked then click 'test/set'.

Clicking the '∞' button turns the aspect ratio lock on/off.  When on, changing either x or y size slider will cause the other the change so that the aspect ratio set when '∞' was turned on is maintained.  nb. x,y sliders become visible when the button to the right of the value is clicked.

Clicking the 'ar' button turns aspect ratio override on/off.  When on, the aspect ratio to the right is used instead of the aspect ratio defined by the x,y size.

FPS settings will automatically be changed to the closest allowed option when 'test / set' is clicked.
nb. For HD interlaced inputs the max frame rate is 1/2 the input frame rate, this is a hardware limitation.

'USPS' = Use Stream Preset Settings.  If checked, the resampler settings of the selected streaming preset are used (if it has any saved resampler settings).

Clicking the 'R' button, resets all resampler settings to their defaults.

input & encoding page
The Processing panel allows adjustment of audio - video sync.
The audio can be adjusted relative to the video based on:

a) number of frames using input fps 'frames (src)'
b) number of frames using the output fps ie. after resampling 'frames (out)'
c) number of milliseconds 'ms'.