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feature highlights

Live replay
  • vari-speed playback of sections of the current & prior recordings based on cues taken while recording.  Allowing eg. slow-motion replays.
  • stream to RTMP servers such as FMS & Wowza.  Compatible with many online services & includes ability to import Flash Media Live Encoder (.xml) streaming profiles for quick streaming setup.
  • stream to RTSP servers such as Wowza.
  • stream over LAN via local HTTP server, including automatic network detection for fast setup.
  • multi-bitrate HLS streaming for direct distribution without need for AV server software or external service provider.
  • allows streaming of hardware encoded audio/video (h264/aac) for 0% cpu encoding overhead.
  • hardware encoded stream can be re-encoded allowing recording & streaming at different resolutions, bitrates & frame rates.
  • open streaming preset system allowing creation of new custom streaming presets
  • streaming can auto-reconnect after a network disruption
  • stream can be served directly as a TCP stream on localhost allowing simple integration with other tools.
Failsafe recording
  • 'slice sequence' recording mode.  Splits recording into multiple files, ensuring that in the event of power loss or system crash minimal video is lost.  After the recording session, these sequences can then merged into single a .TS, .mp4 or .mkv file using the batch processor.
Batch conversion
  • lossless conversion of recorded .TS files to .mp4, mkv files.
  • slice to multiple files based on cue points set during recording
  • custom batch processes can be defined allowing use of command-line interface to VLC, FFmpeg or other programs.
  • batch processes including custom processes can be performed directly on 'slice sequence' recordings, as these are auto-merged as required.
  • automatic playlist generation and loading in VLC player for fast review of recordings.
  • encoding bitrates up to 30Mbps, exceeding normal maximum of 20Mbps
  • gives fine-grain control over the built-in hardware scalers resampling options
  • custom aspect ratios can be defined
  • audio-video sync can be adjusted forwards or backwards based on frames or milliseconds.
  • allows non mod16 video sizes
Command line interface
  • provides access to all primary functions allowing full automation through batch scripts (.bat files) or shell execution from external programs. 
  • engaged as required eg. to check video stream integrity. nb. recording without preview uses only a few percent CPU.
  • uses VLC player for maximum compatibility and minimum CPU usage.
  • resizeable preview window including full-screen options.
  • includes ability to extend via VLC command lines. Examples included in online help for adding logo's & custom text.
Compact interface
  • minimises to the system tray.
  • configurable status display overlay, provides feedback on current recording & previewing state, including recording space/estimated time remaining, without requiring main interface to be visible
Global hotkeys
  • hotkey combinations can be setup for all primary functions, allowing full operation while the interface is minimised.
  • works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10.
Ease of use
  • doesn't need installing.
  • interface shows help hints for all functions.