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MX Light demo download

Download VLC Player : VLC Player v2.0.7 (win32) (required for preview & streaming operation).  more info

Please note:
  • The demo version restricts previewing, streaming & recording to 10 minute intervals.
  • The demo version is intended purely for evaluation purposes.
Recommended drivers:
  • ATEM Television Studio : ATEM Switchers v6.6.1
  • H.264 Pro Recorder      : Desktop Video v10.2.2
          can be found here :

Please see Installation - on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 8.1 & 10 32/64-bit

Download MX Light v2.6.0 Demo (13.8Mb)  - see change log

Known issues:

with current MX Light version:
  • On 1st run, if Windows SmartScreen stops MX Light running & displays "Windows protected your PC...", click 'more info' & then 'Run anyway'.  For more information see :
  • On 1st run of MX Light using Preview / Stream may cause windows to ask the user for firewall permissions.  This is normal, just click 'Allow'
  • On 1st Preview / Stream after launching MX Light, some Anti-Virus software will scan the video stream causing Preview / Stream start to be delayed.
If you have problems please read the FAQ - frequently asked questions / troubleshooting