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Batch processor

processing, cutting & converting recordings

To open the batch converter, click on the button shown highlighted in the image below.


On opening, the batch convertor displays a list of all the recorded .TS files and 'slice sequence' (.seq) directories currently in your selected recording directory.  The display order of recordings can be changed using the controls shown above the scrollbar in the image below.

Hovering over any control will display associated help tips in the status bar at the bottom of the window.

When a recording is selected in the list, it can be renamed by pressing F2 & then entering a new name into the input box.

If a recording has recording info or a cue list this will be indicated by * 's appearing next to the corresponding tabs.  This can be seen in the image below.

A selected '.seq' directory will be automatically converted to a single .TS file if required by the process selected (eg. Convert to .mp4), so there is no need to merge before conversion by using the 'merge sequence' process.

The directory edits at the top control the input file & processed file output directories.  The down-left arrow button sets the output directory = input directory.

Double-clicking on a recording will play it in a new VLC window.

Right-clicking on a recording will display a menu quick menu that includes basic management options.

nb. For safety, conversion from '.seq' directories to single .TS files, will not automatically remove the source .seq dir & files.  This must be done manually.

Process tab

The process tab displays a list of possible operations available for the selected recordings.  Selecting a process will display associated help in the box below.


The 'slice at cue times' process will use the cues saved with a recording & split the recording into segments matching the cue names.

Custom process presets can also be created, for more information see Processing - Creating custom batch operations

Info tab

The 'Info' tab displays information saved about the selected recording.


Cues tab

The 'Cues' tab displays any cues that were made during the recording, using the status displays '+cue' button or the add cue hotkey.


A cue can be edited by double clicking.  To save changes press return or click on another cue.

Clicking the 'Load into replay system' button below the cue list will load the recording & cue list into the replay system, ready for immediate replay.